Through this blog, Stacy Stube, the MDHS Fashion Designer in Residence, hopes to ignite a passion for an industry lost. Let us believe in the beauty that is Fashion.

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Standing Shoes

How does a collection come together? Through the frustration of complacency. Wanting something more. A love that carries the heart beyond beats that[..]

The Label Fashion

Meetings lap upon a coast crashing rocks into pondering nothingness. Fashion is not a label, a brand or even a place. How to cultivate a dress?

Baltimore Fashion Renaissance

Perhaps it took leaving to love deeply. Ten-years ago, I left Baltimore to fight for a dream. Only after having seen the world have I come to[..]

The Archaeology of Fashion


Hidden away in the grand Pratt House are boxes piled high of historic fashion garments. My name is Stacy Stube, I am the Designer in[..]



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