Through this blog, Stacy Stube, the MDHS Fashion Designer in Residence, hopes to ignite a passion for an industry lost. Let us believe in the beauty that is Fashion.

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Fashion Culture

Perhaps we must look beyond the fabric of threads drawn.

Mourning Glory

Why does fashion matter? Seems to be the challenging notion as to why historic garments need to be saved? Sometimes we underestimate the value of[..]

Standing Shoes

How does a collection come together? Through the frustration of complacency. Wanting something more. A love that carries the heart beyond beats that[..]

The Label Fashion

Meetings lap upon a coast crashing rocks into pondering nothingness. Fashion is not a label, a brand or even a place. How to cultivate a dress?

Baltimore Fashion Renaissance

Perhaps it took leaving to love deeply. Ten-years ago, I left Baltimore to fight for a dream. Only after having seen the world have I come to[..]

The Archaeology of Fashion


Hidden away in the grand Pratt House are boxes piled high of historic fashion garments. My name is Stacy Stube, I am the Designer in[..]



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