The costume collection at the Maryland Historical Society is one of the museum’s greatest treasure troves. Composed of more than 6,000 garments dating from the early eighteenth century to the 1960s, the collection includes women’s and men’s clothing, infant and children’s clothing, uniforms and accessories of all kinds.


Summer 2020 Fashion Archives Internship

Truth is Stranger than Fictional Characters: Dolly Varden in the 1870s

If Clothes Could Talk: The Social History of the Tea Gown

Exhibiting Costume at the Maryland Historical Society, 1970 and Now

Forgotten Furs: Collections Care Strategies for Fur Garments in the Maryland Historical Society's Fashion Archives

Archiving Accessories: How to Mount a Fan for Storage

Making a Mend: Historic Repair Techniques for Costume

A Brief History of the Fashion Plate

Dating 101: The Pagoda Sleeve of the Mid-19th Century

Bold Prints, Ikat and Chiné Silk

Repurposing Fashion: A 19th Century Woman's Guide to Thrift

An 1890s Ermine Tail Cape

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2019 Fashion Archives Internship Announcement

2018 Dress of the Year

A Shield Against the Cold: an 1820s Winter Bonnet

Collecting Cauet

Coat for a Coachman

Lottie Barton: Dressmaker, Importer, Smuggler

Stitching the Past into the Present: A 1970s Designer Maxi Dress

Juniors, Misses, Petites... Oh My!

Jacques Doucet: The Collector in the Collections

Miss Dorsey's Duster

Put Your Functional Fashion Foot Forward

Am I Blue?

Jeanne Lanvin’s Robe de Style: An alternative to “All that Jazz” fashions of the 1920’s

The Ongoing Evolution of the Pocket

What to Wear to the City-Poly Game: Football That Goes Way Back

Finding First Lady Frances at the MdHS Fashion Archives


Inside Mr. Darcy's Drawers

Art Nouveau Fashion: Giving Dress a Place Among Decorative Arts

Made and Remade for a Quaker Wedding

Reading Between the Seams

A FAN-tastical Find in the Fashion Archives

Why Do We Have Such Colorful Civil War Dresses?

Donor Paul Edel

La Belle Epoque and Liberty & Co.’s Opulent Fashions

A Dress, A story, and Mary Todd Lincoln

Summer 2018 Internship Announcement

The Anatomy of an 18th Century Shoe

Flapper Style: Rebels in the 1920s

Fancy Dress Parties- Costumes from the 19th Century

The Zouave Jacket Frenzy in the 1860s

Drag Queens and Dramatic Scenes

Little Boys in Pink Dresses

Dressing an 18th Century Gown Today

The Letty Lynton Effect

Fun in the Sun During the Roaring Twenties

A Tarlatan Summer Dress

All That Glitters: Regency Style and Metallic Trim

Conserving Transitional Fashions: The 1910s at the MdHS Fashion Archive

1810s Mourning Dress

Structured Beauties: Evolution of the Crinoline

Saving a 1790s Dress

Conservation Challenges in a 1910s Evening Dress

Plastic Beads on a 1910s Summer Dress

A 1927 Evening Dress

A 1948 Wedding Dress

The Hutzler Experience

An Introduction to Dress Mounting

A Green Silk Pelisse

Processing an 1880s Velvet Skirt

Greene & Pike Cotton Printing

Changes in Women's Gender Roles as Reflected in a 1940s Uniform

Recollecting Tragedy Through Fashion

Early 20th Century Men's Swimsuits

Albert Schroeck: Performing in Style

The Bird Hat: “Murderous Millinery”

Women's World War Uniforms and Changing Gender Roles

Uncovering a Garment's History

A Dress and Its Label

Campbell Lloyd Stirling and the Campbell Clan Tartan

An 1866 Gown

Hats, Hats, & More Hats: MdHS Millinery collection

Campbell Stirling's Scottish Apparel

Rehousing Shoes

The Pragmatism of a Baltimore Fireman's Uniform

Peg-Top Clothing: An Evening Gown

Children’s Jackets: A Special Look at Velvet

Baby Got Bustle: Victorian style of the 1880’s

Corset Covers: Protection Against Soiling and Indecency

Tyvek: the new duct tape

Upcycling in Fashion

Andrew Cross Trippe: Bringing a Uniform to Life

A lace in the fabric of history: A brief history of lace

Before Halloween: examining a 'fancy dress'

Clothes Tell Stories: Reuse and Recycle

All Dressed Up: Preparing Dresses for Display

Looking Underneath the Dress

Ornate Asia: Opulence and Identity

An Update on Arsenic Green: When the World was Dying for Color

Victorian Image of Pregnancy through Corsetry

18th Century Painted Silk

Making a Rehousing a Home: Mounts for Hats

The New Woman: Changes in Fashion and Aspiration in the 1920s

Riding Habits and Women's Rights

Industrial Corsetry

Wondrous Waistcoats: Beauty in Menswear - 18th and 19th Centuries

Underarm Liners: Shields Against Summer Sweat

Making a Rehousing a Home: The "Double-hanger" as a Solution

Ornate Asia: Extravagance in Clothing

Making a Rehousing a Home: A Housing Solution for a Bustled Skirt

Christian Dior and Fur: Fashion Revolutionized

Mourning Crape

Fun in the Sun: The Evolution of the Bathing Suit

Making a Rehousing a Home: A Brand New Box

Uncovering George Washington's Family Tree: Mary Washington Keyser

A Pattern of Paisley and Kashmir

Making a Rehousing a Home: Creative Hanging Solutions

Wedded Bliss: A look into the MdHS wedding dress collection

Napoleon III Court Dress

Conservation Concerns: Vacuuming Garments

The Dyes of Death

M.S. Ridgely and the Blue Dress

A Rare Find - Sleeve Plumpers

Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box: Our Process for Rehousing the Textile Collection

The Enoch Pratt House

Introducing the Costume Collection