The costume collection at the Maryland Historical Society is one of the museum’s greatest treasure troves. Composed of more than 6,000 garments dating from the early eighteenth century to the 1960s, the collection includes women’s and men’s clothing, infant and children’s clothing, uniforms and accessories of all kinds.


A Tarlatan Summer Dress

"There is nothing so graceful and pretty for a young person as a thin dress" 

All That Glitters: Regency Style and Metallic Trim

By Sarah Lindberg


Conserving Transitional Fashions: The 1910s at the MdHS Fashion Archive

By Sarah Lindberg

1810s Mourning Dress

As mentioned in a previous post, within Maryland Historical Society costume collection there exists a “study collection.” Curators accessioned garments[..]

Structured Beauties: Evolution of the Crinoline

By: Emily Bach