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Emily Bach, Summer Intern

MdHS-Summer-Intern-Emily-Bach.jpegHello! I am an undergraduate student at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania majoring in Public History. I am passionate about research and analyzing primary sources and artifacts to further understand past cultures. I work at the Fashion Archives and Museum at my university where I focus on conserving textiles, rehousing parts of our collection, organizing artifacts in our museum database, and learning about the evolution of fashion through the study of historic garments and textiles. Recently, I helped set up the Fashion Archives’ wedding exhibit called “Walking Down the Aisle in Style.” I fitted numerous mannequins to fit a dress’s specific silhouette and conducted conservation efforts on a 1905 wedding dress and an 1860s cotton-muslin collar. This fall I will be furthering my interest in costume by completing an independent study on costume history and textile conservation with Dr. Karin Bohleke.

Although I attend school in Pennsylvania, I have lived in Maryland for the majority of my life, so I am extremely grateful to learn about Maryland’s history through the study of the collection’s garments and accessories! After hearing about the rehousing project, I knew I had to be a part of this opportunity because of my interest in applying history to the everyday world, especially through the study of dress.  Working with historic textile and dress at the Maryland Historical Society through this project has been an absolutely amazing experience!


Sarah Lindberg, Summer Intern

Hello! I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta in 2016 with a double major in biology and art history, and now I’m preparing to apply to graduate programs in art conservation. The field combines my interests in science and art, and allows us to understand art and material culture in new ways. As an intern at the Michael C. Carlos Museum during the 2015-16 academic year, I worked on object rehousing and treatment, and had the opportunity to study one of the museum’s African masks to learn more about its construction and materials. This summer at MDHS, I’m looking forward to learning more about fashion history, object-based research, and conserving historic textiles.




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